The Four-Day Weekend

Dorian is a bad storm, y’all. It’s really taking it’s sweet time, squatting over the Bahamas and destroying everything. I caught myself staring at my washing machine agitating the clothes and thinking, “That’s what it’s like to live there right now.” It is pure devastation. For 7 ways we can help, please see this link: because they need it right now. We don’t need to wait for the footage and photos. We saw what happened in Puerto Rico. We saw what happened in the panhandle. We know good and well what it looks like over there. God bless the linemen and first-responders and keep them safe so that they can do the same for others. If you are one of them, I just can’t ever appropriately thank you for your bravery and dedication.

This season in particular is a real test for the state of Florida. Memories of hurricane Michael aren’t even a year old yet. With it, we witnessed the most powerful storm since Andrew wiped out Homestead in 1992. Pictures of Mexico beach before and after Michael look eerily similar to the before and after photos of nuclear test sites. It was utterly wiped off the map. As you can clearly see, we are all feeling a sense of urgency when it comes to preparedness, and rightly so.

Structural damage from the storm is only the beginning. Flooding and power outages can prolong the danger for weeks. In preparation, our school systems here cancelled classes the day after Labor Day, and with the uncertainty of the storm, we all sat with our kids today while the weather was…not at all hurricane-like.

It’s a part of parenting in the Sunshine State. Flex-days, cancellations due to weather, teacher-planning days, and bank holidays make it difficult for work from home parents, student parents, and working parents to meet their obligations. A holiday on the academic calendar is not always a holiday for Mom and Dad. Most workplaces are not “take your child to work day” friendly. Some parents have to use very precious PTO hours. College students still have assignments due. Consultants still have meetings to keep. Professors and teachers have papers to grade. At Palmetto & Pine, you’ll be able to bring your kids on days like today so our staff can entertain them while you use our coworking lounge to catch up on work, meetings, and consultations for up to two hours when you’re faced with time traps like not at all hurricane-like weather and not at all holiday-like holidays.



Join now! Hurry…offer ENDS OCTOBER 1, 2019.

$150 buys a year’s worth of access to all the amenities we offer and locks in your FIRST THREE MONTHS of session packages at 50% OFF! That’s a savings of $300! Look at all the exclamation points! Can you tell I’m excited? You should be, too! 

Seriously though folks…we are selling these deeply discounted session packages to introduce ourselves to the community, and make sure that we’re really rocking and rolling from day one. We have some special surprises and events planned and we’re getting the word out to everyone that, after a year of hardcore preparation and construction hang-ups, we are opening in a few short weeks! We are proud to join our neighbors, Flashbacks and Hoggetowne Creamery, at 220 NW 8th Ave, Suite 50 in Gainesville, FL. Our buildout construction is well underway and it’s almost showtime! Can’t wait to put the coffee on for you!

*Individual Memberships only. Vendors and Clubs/Organizations will have special introductory rates available October 1. Date of open may change by a few days, in which case membership will begin on the first day of use.

Love and Light

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