About Us

Whether you are a remote worker, a budding entrepreneur, a graduate student, a teacher or a telecommuter, we know all too well the struggle of making quiet time to concentrate on tasks or enjoy a moment of calming silence without a dedicated work space.

We’ve thoughtfully designed a way for members to get as much time as possible to themselves, in a functionally beautiful environment. Then we made it available at an affordable, flat rate with no contracts, because no one deserves the added worry of a contract penalty in these uncertain times. We designed a luxe open office space, lounge area, and meeting rooms for everyone. And then we added PlayCare, an adult-supervised play area designed to entertain the kiddos while some of our members work, meet, or relax in the lounge. PlayCare is a complimentary service provided only to registered members.

While the children play, parents stay onsite (but out of sight of the kids) and take advantage of our Wi-Fi, and free hot coffee, tea, and snacks. The applications from here are endless. Want to pop in some headphones and finally finish earning your degree? Can-do. Want to watch Netflix or read a book? You’re more than welcome. Got a side hustle? Hustle away!  **Due to local COVID considerations, those interested must schedule appointments to tour the facility prior to registration.** CLICK BELOW FOR APPOINTMENT