About Us

Whether you are work from home parents, a budding entrepreneur, a graduate student or a telecommuter, we know all too well the struggle of making quiet time to concentrate on tasks or enjoy a moment of calming silence without a dedicated work space.

We’ve thoughtfully designed a way for members to get as much time as possible, in a functionally beautiful environment, for an affordable price with a flexible plan. We designed a luxe open office space, lounge area, and meeting rooms for everyone. And then we added Playcare, an adult-supervised play area designed to entertain the kiddos while some of our members work, meet, or relax in the lounge. Playcare is a complimentary service provided only to registered members and guests of members.

While the children play, parents stay onsite (but out of sight of the kids) and take advantage of our Wi-Fi, and free coffee & tea. The applications from here are endless. Want to finish earning a degree? Can-do. Want to watch Netflix or read a book? You’re more than welcome. Got a side hustle? Hustle away!  Members may drop in at their convenience for up to two hours per day Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.